UnitModelLot AreaEnclosed AreaPrice
01-01Single Attached86 m²214.89 m²₱22,985,000
01-02Townhouse59 m²149.92 m²₱15,695,000
01-03Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱15,695,000
01-04Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱15,695,000
01-05Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱15,695,000
01-06Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱15,695,000
01-07Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱15,695,000
01-08Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱15,695,000
01-09Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱15,695,000
01-10Single Attached72 m²179.9 m²₱19,695,000
01-11Single Attached72 m²179.9 m²₱19,695,000
01-12Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
01-13Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
01-14Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
01-15Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
01-16Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
01-17Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
01-18Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
01-19Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
01-20Single Attached86 m²214.89 m²₱22,985,000
02-01Single Attached68 m²169.91 m²₱18,695,000
02-02Townhouse72 m²179.9 m²₱19,695,000
02-03Townhouse70 m²174.91 m²₱17,695,000
02-04Townhouse67 m²167.41 m²₱16,995,000
02-05Townhouse70 m²174.91 m²₱17,695,000
02-06Townhouse73 m²182.4 m²₱18,495,000
02-07Single Attached71 m²177.41 m²₱19,495,000
03-01Townhouse70 m²174.91 m²-
03-02Townhouse72 m²179.9 m²₱17,985,000
03-03Townhouse72 m²179.9 m²₱17,985,000
03-04Townhouse72 m²179.9 m²₱17,985,000
03-05Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-06Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-07Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-08Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-09Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-10Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-11Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-12Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-13Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-14Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-15Townhouse60 m²149.92 m²₱14,985,000
03-16Single Attached80 m²199.89 m²₱21,695,000
04-01Single Attached72 m²179.9 m²₱19,695,000
04-02Townhouse63 m²157.42 m²₱15,995,000
04-03Townhouse63 m²157.42 m²₱15,995,000

Property Features

  • 1 Maid's Room
  • 2 Car Garage
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 Storey Townhouse with Loft
  • Flood-free
  • Guard House with CCTV Cameras
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Porch
  • Powder Room
  • RFO Date: July 2024 (for some units only)
  • Secured Gated Subdivision
  • Service Area
  • Underground facilities for Electricity and Auxillary lines
  • Walk-in Closet
  • With Family Deck
  • With Foyer
  • With Plant Deck

    Places Nearby

    • 2.8 km from Quezon City General Hospital
    • 3.1 km from LRT Roosevelt
    • 3.6 km from SM North Edsa / TriNoma
    • 4.2 km from Landers Superstore Balintawak
    • 5.2 km from East Avenue Medical Center
    • 5.4 km from Quezon City Hall
    • 6.3 km from Fisher Mall
    • 6.5 km from University of the Philippines
    • 7.2 km from FEU Diliman
    • 9.8 km from Ateneo de Manila University

    Payment Details

    • Total Contract Price (TCP)₱14,985,000
    • Reservation Fee (deductible)₱100,000
    • Downpayment20% of TCP
    • Balance PaymentCash or Bank Financing
    Prices Subject to Change w/o Prior Notice


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